St. Paul's Lutheran Church

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We are now at the end of the Church Year (last Sunday of the Church Year is November 26). Advent begins December 3rd.

Our first Midweek Advent service is Wednesday, December 6 and will be at 5:00pm. This year we will look at the book, Battle of the Soul, by Michael T. Fieberkorn. You are strongly encouraged to purchase the book from either Concordia Publishing House or Amazon (available as a kindle book as well). The book is broken into three sections with several short chapters in each section. We will look at one section each midweek service and follow the order of Vespers. From Concordia Publishing House:

Envy, greed, gluttony, lust, anger, sloth, and pride are all vices and manifestations of unbelief. In Battle of the Soul, author Rev. Dr. Michael T. Fieberkorn explains how daily living of the Ten Commandments kills our unbelief. 

Redefining the Aristotelian view of vice and virtue from Ethics, Martin Luther transforms their use for Gospel-centered living. Following this transformation, Fieberkorn combines them with the Ten Commandments to show you how you can fight the battle against daily sin, even the ones that seem harmless. Battle of the Soul includes reflection questions after each chapter, prayers to use after finishing the book, and a chart visually showing the connections between vice and virtue. 

With clear connections between Luther’s teachings and our world today, this book will serve you as a how-to guide on living a Gospel-centered life. 

Concordia Publishing House

This year, Christmas Eve falls on a Sunday (the 24th). We will therefore have our Children’s Christmas Program on Christmas Eve during our 9:00 am service. The Christmas Eve Children’s Program is called “Light a Candle” and includes several traditional Christmas carols, readings, and drama.

Rehearsals begin on Sunday, November 26th and you are strongly encouraged to bring your children to every rehearsal so they can learn their parts and the music.

We will have two Christmas Eve services in the evening, one at 4:30 pm and the other at 7:00 pm. Please bring your whole family and invite even your neighbors to celebrate the birth of our Lord in Bethlehem!