St. Paul's Lutheran Church

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What is Lutheran Worship?

“Sometimes the most valuable insights come from recognizing the genius of things which are always there.” – Rev. Robert Zagore, Traverse City, MI.

Lutheran worship is about bringing structure, reverence, and a sense of transcendence into the chaos of this world and our own hearts.  As God is the same yesterday, today, and forever, Lutheran worship is a reflection of our unchanging God because it does not embrace change…just for the sake of change.

At the same time, Lutheran worship is contemporary because it speaks into our modern world with the truth of God’s Word and the gifts given in the Sacraments.  It brings, grows, and keeps God’s people in the one true Christian faith because it is the very language of faith as taught in the Scripture.

Introduction to the Liturgy

The Lutheran church is rich in tradition, and its liturgical practices have a unique history worth exploring. The term “liturgy” is derived from the Greek word meaning “work of/for the people,” emphasizing the public nature of worship. This notion is taken seriously in the Lutheran church, with liturgy first being the work God carries out for us, then our thankful response. Although it has been passed down for centuries, the ancient order still carries significance today. The formal structure of a worship service is known as liturgy and is considered an integral part of Lutheran practice. By respecting these timeless liturgical practices, we can connect to our past while staying guided towards the future.

Basic Parts of the Liturgy

The Liturgy Serves Us

We call our worship service the Divine Service because God comes to us and dwells among us through Word and Sacrament.  Yes, it is true!  God serves us!


Are you looking for a new church? If so, come visit us! We are a small, friendly Lutheran community that welcomes everyone. Our church has an inviting atmosphere and our worship services are easy to follow, with everything you need provided in hymnals or on screens. We understand that visiting a new church can be intimidating, so feel free to ask questions or ask for help from our pastor or elders. We’re here to support and encourage each other in the faith. We hope you’ll join us for worship and become part of our church family!

If it’s your first time at our church, it’s normal if you don’t know the way things are done or the songs we sing. You can just sit and listen, it’s okay.

Hello. Consider making an offering to the congregation if you’re feeling generous. However, if you’re not in the mindset to give, that’s perfectly fine too. Give from your heart when you’re ready. Giving freely is a way to please God, and it’s an act of joy.

We are very happy to have children as part of our worship service! We strongly believe that children are loved by God and deserve to participate fully in the liturgy alongside adults. This is why we encourage families to worship together and enjoy the same hymns, liturgy, and prayers. It’s such a wonderful opportunity for children to learn about our faith and grow in their own relationship with God. So please, feel free to bring your kids with you to church – we love having them here, and the more the merrier!

Come on, folks! Let’s be honest, we all want to look good, especially when we’re going to church. But don’t worry, we aren’t fashion police, so no need to put on airs. We don’t require you to dress up like royalty – unless you are one, in that case, we’d totally make an exception! But seriously, dressing up won’t give you brownie points with God. He’s more concerned about our heart attitudes than our wardrobes. However, let’s be mindful of our clothing choices – this isn’t a fashion show. Let’s not show up in anything that would make Miley Cyrus blush. We’d like to make sure everyone is focused on God’s Word and not your outfit.

We totally get it – keeping kids calm during church can be a real challenge. But don’t you worry ’bout a thing! We’ve got just the thing for you – our very own “Cry Room”! It’s located at the back of the sanctuary, and it’s totally private and spacious. Plus, there’s a one-way window so you can be a part of the service while taking care of your little one. No need to be shy about it – we’re here to help make your worship fulfilling! So just let us know what else we can do for you, and we’ll make it happen. Yay for problem-solving!

St. Paul’s Lutheran Church practices Closed Communion, which means that only members of the congregation who have been instructed in the faith and welcomed as communicant members are permitted to participate. This practice dates back to the time of the Apostles and is based on biblical teachings. Open Communion, which permits anyone to participate, is a more recent development in the Christian church. We take the Lord’s Supper seriously and approach it with care and reverence, as instructed in Scripture. The LCMS is a Closed Communion church body and only allows approved members and those from other LCMS churches or churches in fellowship to participate. If you have any questions or concerns about this practice, please speak to the pastor. We practice this way out of love and care for our congregation.

Hi there! We are excited to welcome you as a potential member of St. Paul’s! We invite you to come visit and attend a worship service with us. After that, please reach out to our pastor to talk about your intentions. Our pastor will schedule a meeting with you to discuss new member classes, where we will guide you through all the aspects of being a member. Once you’ve completed these classes, you will be installed as a member during a simple process in the worship service.

Also, if you are a transfer from another LCMS church, you are more than welcome to join our congregation. Please request your former church’s pastor to submit a Letter of Transfer, and this can be done quickly through the mail or email. If you come from a church that is not in fellowship with us, we kindly invite you to attend new member classes. Thank you for considering becoming a part of our community!

What About Reverence?

“Let us offer to God acceptable worship, with reverence and awe!”

Hebrews 12:28


Should we be Casual or Formal?

It’s time to confidently recognize the beauty and importance of reverent worship. As Americans, we tend to question authority and fail to see the value of reverence and respect, especially towards our leaders. However, should our worship practices imitate our day-to-day culture or politics? Despite the trend of prioritizing entertainment and spectacle over the transcendent nature of worship, we must remember that worship is about humbly approaching our creator with reverence and awe. We need to seek solace and devotion, just as churches were originally intended to provide. Instead of trivializing God’s presence in our lives, we must recognize him as the creator of the universe and approach him in humility and awe. Jesus didn’t seek to be charismatic or trendy; he preached the truth, despite the cost. Worship isn’t a show or a place of pride, it’s a moment to reflect and repent in the presence of God’s holiness. Gain more insights into Lutheran worship below.