St. Paul's Lutheran Church

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The Board of Elders at St. Paul’s is responsible with assisting the pastor in the spiritual care of the congregation.  This includes oversight of the Ushers, Altar Guild, Sunday School and other educational programs, and assuring that regular prayer is made for all members of the congregation, and the elderly and those in assisted living are visited.  Each family is assigned to one of our four elders and may contact the elder whenever special needs, prayer, or concerns should be addressed.  The following men make up our Board of Elders.

Note: the elder portraits will be updated soon. These are only AI-generated images.

Chad Calander

Head Elder

Chad Calander is currently our head elder and has served as an elder for several years.

Steve Calander


Steve has served as an elder, off and on, for many years, as well as on the church council.

Alan Marxhausen


Alan has been serving as Elder, Council member, Usher, and Altar Guild for many years.

Jason Theisen


This is Jason's first term as elder. He has been with St. Paul's for many years.