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“So do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will care for itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” – Matthew 6:34

The world is always anxious and worrying about the future and believes it can protect itself from danger and make itself to be self-supporting. It cannot see its own futility, that its attempts could be so very wrong. We see this carried out in politics most often when, for the sake of election, a politician will promise to fix this and change that and help, to make the world a better place, and we fall for it because the words of a person in a nice suit or dress is more trustworthy to us than a God we cannot see — only God holds all the cards and the politician can only work as God permits and any attempts to stand against God lead to grave misfortune, misery, war, wickedness, and all other manner of suffering for a nation.

When the world, in an attempt to plot its own tomorrow, sees how it fails to make tomorrow as it wants, it will seek out any remedy, help, or protection it can and try to patch up the calamity it caused through nefarious means, but it will not run to God because it cannot, and it cares not to try. Wickedness and evil daily prevail more and more, unbelief seems prudent, and sinning a better lifestyle than trusting in God. Every one of the world tries desperately to carry out their lives without God, and even oppresses and chokes anyone who would hinder them. Thus, evil lives in families, communities, and in the governments; the structures God has created for the good of all become the means by which evil grows and faith is snuffed out.

Against all this our Lord Christ cautions His believers so that they do not waver nor stake their daily lives on uncertainties, on living like the world and obsessing over the future, but to instead at all times do what is right. He calls us to not worry about the outcome of things nor be thrown by the future or uncertain good or evil. Instead, He invites us to trust in God and to take everything that happens to us in stride and to overcome even our suffering and the evil done against us with faith and patience. For in this life and upon this earth it can be no other way than we are each met with things not welcoming, things which cause us trouble and vex. Our Lord does not hide this from us but prepares us by calling us, not to follow the cares of the world and it’s unrighteous and evil pursuits, but to look to God, trust His provision each day, and not let tomorrow’s problems tempt us to forfeit His Word and promises today.

Father of mercies, keep me from seeking the path of the world but keep my heart, mind, eyes, and feet firmly planted on the soil of today where Your grace and mercy are always given, and tomorrow’s problems have not yet been born. In Jesus name, amen.

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