St. Paul's Lutheran Church

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St. Paul’s Vacation Bible School is this Monday – Wednesday, August 14-16! Our theme this year is “God’s Living Water,” and will consider some of the many texts from the Scripture where God used water to do amazing things.

Open to kids from 4ys old on up, we would like to see as many of our church family kids in VBS as possible. Bring them by at 5:30 PM for a delicious meal, followed by good music, lessons, crafts, experiments, and fun activities. Closing is at 7:45 each night and kids can be picked up at 8:00.

Parents, please come in with your kids and fill out the registration form and include any allergies or other important things on the form.

Older youth/confirmed youth should come and volunteer some time by helping with crafts, lessons, activities, opening/closing, or registration. We have some youth devotional materials available as well. And we are always happy to have more volunteers!

Thank you for making this year’s VBS a wonderful event for your kids and the kids of our community!