St. Paul's Lutheran Church

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Text: Matthew 13:1-9, 18-23
Theme: The Seed and the Soil
Date: July 16, 2023

  1. Today we will consider a more biblical understanding of “church growth” and why it seems the Christian church in the USA is suffering decline
  2. Rather than attributing this decline to the fascination with “change”, the Scripture attributes it to “soil.”
    • The Word of God is not the problem (the seed)
    • The Gardner is not the problem (the Lord)
    • It’s the soil upon which the seed falls (human beings)
  3. The falling seed
    • Some seed falls on the path, on hard ground, and never takes root
    • Some seed falls into the rocky places and the slightest trouble kills any growth
    • Some seed falls into thorny places and worldly busyness and temptation scorch it out
    • Some seed falls into good soil and grows.
  4. God grows His church, by His Word, and sometimes He disciplines His church so that it truly grow and yield a crop
    • Therefore, do not worry and scramble to demand change and compromise
    • Instead, repent, trust in the Lord, and continue to be faithful to His Word in all things.