St. Paul's Lutheran Church

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Title: “Confirmation Sunday”
Scripture: John 16:52-15
Date: May 21, 2023

Main Theme: “The devil, the world, and your sinful flesh fight against you, but God, in Christ fights for you and wins.”

  1. You are children of God now because you are baptized into Christ.
    • But Satan is working against you in three clear ways
  2. Your sinful nature
    • Your old nature is drowned in your baptism, but it keeps trying to regain control
    • You fight your old sinful nature through daily repentance and holding to God’s promise of forgiveness.
  3. The sinful and fallen world
    • This world wants to suck your time and devotion away from God and His church and convince you that spending your time living by the world’s pleasures and cares will pay off.
    • God calls each of you to die to this world and live in Christ through repentance and faith
  4. The Devil himself
    • The devil is real and he shouldn’t be messed with!
    • Christ Jesus died on the cross and defeated the devil, so trust in Him and lean on Him in every trouble