St. Paul's Lutheran Church

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Title: “Jesus the Way, Truth, and Life”
Scripture: Acts 6 & 7; John 14:6
Date: May 7, 2023

Main Theme: “Jesus, who is the only Way, only Truth, and only Life, calls us to abide in Him, even if it means suffering in this life.

  1. Jesus teaches us what it means to be Christian, that it’s more than a cliche.
    • We are the branches of the Vine (Christ) and thus fully nourished by what flowed from the vine – His teaching
    • As branches of the vine, we then bear good fruit — we do good works by rightly loving our neighbor
    • Jesus showed true love to us by dying for us, and we ought to love our neighbor similarly, by a willingness to put to death in us anything which is unloving or unchristlike.
  2. Stephen, the first martyr, is an example of what God’s word flowing through us means
    • God’s Word isn’t merely about saying nice things, but it’s about being true to Christ, even when the truth may hurt or be offensive to those who hear it
    • Even if it brings us discomfort or pain for speaking it
    • For just as the devil is working tirelessly through words to try and steal people away from the Lord, we must be as bold and courageous with the Word of Christ to draw sinners to repent and believe.
    • We must never compromise as the world compromises but must be faithful and God is faithful to us.