St. Paul's Lutheran Church

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Students! This is your FINAL EXAM! Well, to clarify, this “could be” your final exam, as long as you pass it. If you pass this exam, you will not need to take the final exam on Wednesday, May 17th. The exam on May 17th will be the EXACT SAME exam. You must pass this exam with a 75% or better in order to get out of taking it on the 17th.

This exam includes multiple choice, true and false, matching, and short answer. You have one full week to complete this, so do not be in a rush. Once you start the exam, you must complete it before closing your browser. You cannot use your catechism, notes, or enlist the help of anyone while taking the exam, so be sure you’re well prepared before starting.

You will know your score immediately after completing the exam. If you have a 75% or better, congratulations! You will still need to come to Confirmation class on the 10th and the 17th, but there will be no more written work for you to do. If you do not pass, then you’ll have one more opportunity to show your understanding of the Christian faith on the 17th where you will take the exam in person.

Confirmation Sunday is on the 21st of May.

Before starting, say a prayer and ask the Holy Spirit to guide you and bring to your remembrance everything you have learned. Godspeed!

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