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April 23, 2023

Third Sunday of Easter

Sermon Notes for Sunday

  • Sermon Notes

    Sermon based on Matthew 16:13-20

    Today we hear about Peter’s confession of faith and how, like Peter, we are given the Spirit of Christ to confess the one true Christian faith boldly and confidently, and that even when we do not confess as we ought, our God and Savior continues to forgive, strengthen, and renew us so that we learn to confess His name before others.

Serving Schedule

This Week’s Servants

  • ELDER: Steve Calander
  • Usher: Mike Maurer
  • Reader: Derek Marxhausen
  • Organist: Sue Drury
  • Acolytes: Brayden/Brock T.
  • Sound Booth: OPEN
  • Altar Guild: Joyce Mueller
  • Fellowship: Beth Totzke/Tracy Vanderpoel

Next Week’s Servants

  • Elder: Steve Calander
  • Usher: Jason Theisen
  • Reader: Logan Marxhausen
  • Organist: Jane Marquardsen
  • Acolytes: Lauren F./Brantley F.
  • Sound Booth: Waylon Dreyer
  • Altar Guild: Joyce Mueller
  • Fellowship: Carin C./Shanna C.

If you are unable to keep your scheduled serving day, please contact the church at least a few days before the service so there is time to find a replacement. Thank you!

Statistics for Last Week


  • Regular Offering: $597.00
  • Online Giving: $125.00
  • Non-Budget: $10.00
  • Memorial: $20.00


  • Worship Attendance: 37 (weather)
  • Sunday School: n/a
  • Youth Group: n/a
  • Midweek Bible Study: n/a

Please make every attempt to have your kids in Sunday School each week, and your teens in Youth Group.

Important News & Announcements


A limited number of printed announcements are available each Sunday and left on the table under the mailboxes. You may also have a PDF copy of the announcements emailed to you if you prefer it that way. Just ask.


The 1st Quarter Voters Meeting is April 23rd after Fellowship. Voting members, please make every effort to attend and participate.


Youth Open Volleyball night scheduled for Friday, June 2nd at 6:00 PM. There will be food and a devotion…and volleyball! Bring friends.


A Board of Ed. meeting is scheduled for Sunday, June 4 at 10:30 AM.

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Prayer Requests

Tom LitfinGlen Hamann
Harry TotzkeFamily of Lois Gustafson
Steve Wadridge
Please keep the prayer list updated by contacting the church via email ( or calling 320-982-6703. You may also speak to Pastor or an Elder. Anyone missing on this list? Let Pastor or an Elder know right away!

Weekend Devotion

Prayer: Keep me steadfast in the one true faith that I may not fall for the schemes of the devil. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

SCRIPTURE: For we maintain that a man is justified by faith apart from observing the law. – Romans 3:28

People are not justified and do not receive life and salvation because of anything they’ve done. Rather, the only reason they receive life and salvation is because of God’s grace through Christ. There is no other

Many Christians are tired of hearing this teaching over and over. They think they learned it all long ago. However, they barely understand how important it really is. If it continues to be taught as truth, the Christian church will remain united and pure—free from decay. This truth alone makes and sustains Christianity. You might hear immature Christians brag about how well they know that we are justified through God’s grace and not because of anything we do to earn it. But if they go on to say that this truth is easy to put into practice, then have no doubt they don’t know what they’re talking about, and they probably never will. We can never learn this truth completely or brag that we understand it fully. Learning this truth is an art. We will always remain students of it, and it will always be our teacher.

The people who truly understand that they are justified by faith and put it into practice don’t brag that they have fully mastered it. Rather, they think of it as a pleasant taste or aroma that they are always pursuing. These people are astonished that they can’t comprehend it as fully as they would like. They hunger and thirst for it. They yearn for it more and more. They never get tired of hearing about this truth.
Similarly, Paul admits in Philip-pians 3:12 that he has not yet reached this goal. In Matthew 5:6, Christ says that those who hunger and thirst for righteousness are blessed. – Taken from a collection of Dr. Martin Luther’s daily devotions.

This Week’s Activities

  • Voters Meeting TODAY
  • Pastor on vacation from April 21st to the 4th of May.

Coming Events

  • Elders Meeting, May 7th
  • Confirmation Sunday is May 21st!

“It is right, therefore, that we not just be called Christians, but that we actually be Christians.”

— Ignatius of Antioch (d. AD 108)