St. Paul's Lutheran Church

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SERMON: “A Mind Like Jesus”
SCRIPTURE: Philippians 2:5-11
DATE: April 2, 2023 (Palm Sunday)

Theme: “Your mind should be like the Lord’s, humble, servant like, meek, and faithful.”

  1. Introduction
    • Should we engage this life like the world or should we engage it differently?
    • How about how we engage one another — fellow believers — should we be as the world or different?
  2. The Mind of Christ
    • He did not push His weight around
    • He thought of the needs of others even to death on a cross
    • He trusted in God all the way to be His strength and vindicator
  3. The Mind of You
    • You are in fellowship/koinonia with Jesus
    • He changes your mind and attitude
    • Through repentance, faith, and His Word, your mind and heart changes from self-centered and cruel to people-centered and humble
  4. Conclusion
    • Be what you are in Christ!
    • Look to the needs of others
    • Love others as Christ loves you
    • Humble yourselves (1 Peter 5:6) and He will lift you up!