St. Paul's Lutheran Church

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SERMON: “Death to Life”
SCRIPTURE: John 11:1-45
DATE: March 26, 2023

Theme: “In Christ, we no longer live for death, but we have died to live!”

Today, Pastor will be employing the “Text-Application” form which is one of the forms of the Textual Structure. You will hear an introduction/story, followed by a slow walk through the text itself, and the concluding in how the text applies to the Christian.

  1. Introduction
    • God uses the cycles of the earth and of life to teach us something important about our faith.
    • Rather than “life” leading to “death,” for Christians, death leads to life!
  2. Textual Exposition
    • Lazarus has been dead for four days
    • Martha (and Mary) meet Jesus and though there is an understanding of the resurrection, they do not understand Jesus’ words when He says that HE is the resurrection.
    • When Jesus says, “Lazarus, come out,” no one knew what to expect, and even after Lazarus walked out of the tomb, fully alive, some refused to believe, ran to the Pharisees, and the plot to end Jesus’ life went full-throttle.
  3. Application
    • God makes us who were dead in sin to be alive in Christ by His Word.
    • This is because wherever Jesus is, there is life!
    • We may be tempted to act like those who doubted after Lazarus’ coming out of the tomb, to question the Bible, the events, the stories.
    • Faith is about believing, even when reason and doubt linger.
    • Faith changes us so that we can discern between the truth and the lies, between good and evil, between godly and satanic
    • The Word of God can bring the dead to live again, just as we have been brought to life in our baptisms