St. Paul's Lutheran Church

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SERMON: “Living Water”
SCRIPTURE: John 4:5-26
DATE: March 12, 2023

The “Four Page Method” is a sermon form which follows the “Law Then, Law Now — Gospel Then, Gospel Now” motif, bringing the hearer through the text exegetically and applying the text theologically.

Law Then

  • Why did the Samaritan woman visit Jacob’s well at midday by herself?
  • What was it that Jesus revealed about this woman when He preached the Law to her?

Law Now

  • How do we sometimes “visit the well at midday” when it comes to our sin?
  • Is it ever beneficial for us to hide our sin from God or pretend we can go through our Christian life unconcerned about sin or unrepentant?

Gospel Then

  • Though Jesus had every right to condemn this woman for her sin, what instead did He do for her?
  • How did His actions move her to respond with thankfulness and to share the Gospel with others?

Gospel Now

  • In what ways does our Lord continue to provide for us His good and gracious gifts of forgiveness and mercy?
  • How does His Holy Spirit enable us to respond to our Lord’s salvation and how can we go out and share His Gospel with others?