St. Paul's Lutheran Church

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Second Sunday in Lent

  • SERMON: “The Two Teachers”
  • SCRIPTURE: John 3:1-17
  • DATE: March 5, 2023

The “Goal, Malady, Means” or “dynamic” sermon form is a common form used to help listeners experience the Scripture passage and apply it to their own lives.


As you listen to the first part of the sermon, what do you find is the “goal” in the text? Where do you think Pastor is going to go as he proceeds forward?

Considering Pastor’s findings of different “job descriptions” for pastors, what would you say is St. Paul’s “job description” for your pastor?


After hearing Nicodemus question Jesus and not understand, what is it that he thought led to salvation and why did he have such a tough time understanding Jesus’ “born again” statements?

If you were listening to Jesus talk to Nicodemus some 2,000 years ago, do you think you’d understand Jesus’ words, or would you stumble like Nicodemus?

Why do we human beings struggle so very much with our Lord’s words about being born again not by works but from the Spirit above? Why are we tempted to always take even the slightest amount of credit for faith?


When Jesus mentions the vision of Jacob’s ladder, how does His calling Himself the ladder change your perspective?

Why do you think God chose to use the symbol of a bronze serpent vs. something less offensive to save His people in the wilderness?

Should we be offended or “turned off” by images of Jesus on the cross, or should we run to and cling to such images and symbols? Why or why not?

In the end, this conversation between two “rabbis” or “teachers” (or “pastors”) was about what two distinctives? What was the paradigm, and who, in the end, was the righteous teacher, Nicodemus, or Jesus? What does Jesus’ preaching mean for you?