St. Paul's Lutheran Church

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  • SERMON: Did God Really Say?
  • SCRIPTURE: Genesis 3:1-21
  • DATE: February 26, 2023


  • As we look back 6,000 to 7,000 years and visit the Garden of Eden, just as the serpent is speaking to Eve, what is the very first thing he says to her?
  • In Genesis 2, God gave only one command to Adam and Eve. What was it?
  • If we consider the serpent’s words as a “sales pitch,” what did the devil in disguise “sell” Eve and what did she exchange to get it?


  • How do we, like Adam and Eve, “give away the store” when it comes to sinning and breaking God’s commandments?
  • When we question the Holy Scripture or tell ourselves that “God didn’t really say or mean…” precisely what the Scripture says, what are we exchanging for what?


  • After Adam and Eve brought sin into the world, what was the first thing the Lord did to redeem them?
  • Before expelling them from the garden, what VERY important thing did the Lord do for them to exchange their covering of leaves for better coverings?


  • How did the Lord ultimately fulfill His promise to the serpent to “crush his head”?
  • How did God reopen access to the Tree of Life for we, His beloved children?
  • Why must innocent blood be shed for there to be true and lasting redemption?