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The LCMS is conducting a short survey and asking all congregations and their members to take part. Please read the following paragraph from the LCMS and follow the instructions. Note: this is NOT the robust survey being conducted by LCMS Rural and Small Town Mission which is coming in March.

Do you know any young man who would make a great pastor? How about someone who would be a great Lutheran school teacher, deaconess or DCE? Jesus gives His church people who work full time in service to the Gospel. He told us to pray for such workers. The LCMS continues to pray, and has begun Set Apart to Serve (SAS), an intentional effort to encourage young people to consider church work as their career. Your opinion can help improve SAS. Please fill out a brief survey at by March 15, and let us know how you think SAS can be beneficial to your congregation. Thank you.

Please respond by March 15th!